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JavaScript testing – Requests

Dog is testing the the crackers for poison.

When testing JavaScript you might have run into the problem of testing requests, such as XmlHttpRequests (XHR). You might also have run into an awesome way of testing it such as the one provided by Buster.js (which in turn uses Sinon.js). These tools are really powerful and awesome, if you haven’t tried them yet go do it.

One problem though. A unit test is supposed to be as implementation independent as possible, and testing XHR is rather tightly bound to the implementation. If I suddenly start requesting resources by adding script tags to the dom my tests will fail even though the solution is solid. We don’t want that.

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New computer

The time had to come, Mobile Ambitions Aps wants their computer back :) Although it will be missed there’s a great thanks to lending it to me even though I didn’t work there any more.

Due to this a new computer has joined the family here, optimized for effective building and use of virtual machines, this will hopefully assist me in my development in the years. While waiting for this baby to be entirely ready I’ll be improving my testing, so I can get RfTouch continued, so stay tuned :)

RfTouch sees light

RfTouch is a framework for Sencha Touch 2. As it is right now the project is at it’s very beginning. Currently it offers a ReloadStore, which is a simple addition to the default store, so it can handle reloads. In it self it’s nothing special, just a simplification of a common usage when using ST 2 as part of a native app.

To try it out go to and download the RfTouch folder. Put the folder in your project and adding RfTouch to the loader:

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Sencha Touch 2 – The maps connectivity issue


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Even though this post is quite old by now, it still seems to be of use to people. Awesome and thanks to Josh Morony for the credit. It seems he had some minor issues that he fixed, so if this post doesn’t do the trick for you, please go visit his blog post about Dynamically Loading Google Maps Based on Internet Connection Availability

Using the Map component in Sencha Touch 2 is really convenient. Right until you test it on an phone that’s offline. Creating a nice looking and userfriendly way of handling this isn’t as easy as I would have hoped for it to be.

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