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Keep things user friendly (also to the visually impaired)

As a developer we have a responsibility to ensure that most users possible can use the Blind man sitting at a computer with his dog besides him.things we make. Lately I saw an example of someone who went through the trouble of disabling ARIA in a project.

Disabling and ignoring features meant to help those with impairments it way to common for developers. Therefore I’ll dedicate a “few” words on where you can do something. Most of it is based on my blind friends personal experiences with screen readers and using computers as a VIP (Visually Impaired Person).

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GXT 3 first impression – Converting the model

Senchas logoI decided to finally try out GXT 3 properly. So currently I’m porting my HelperManager into GXT 3. Currently this have resulted in a little tool I hope might help someone else port their code.

To cut things short. In previous versions of GXT you created your model classes by inheriting BaseModel or BaseModelData. Sencha however have left this approach, rendering old model code useless.

To easily convert all code in one go I created this little python program, and ran it on my code:

Apart from that, porting my model and my server code seems pretty painless. The GUI code on the other hand is probably going to be a different story. There have been a lot of changes, and I’m looking forward to all the improvements and the final version :)

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