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RfTouch sees light

RfTouch is a framework for Sencha Touch 2. As it is right now the project is at it’s very beginning. Currently it offers a ReloadStore, which is a simple addition to the default store, so it can handle reloads. In it self it’s nothing special, just a simplification of a common usage when using ST 2 as part of a native app.

To try it out go to and download the RfTouch folder. Put the folder in your project and adding RfTouch to the loader:

Then you can create your own store, almost like you’d normally create a store, except that you extend

From here on you should just listen to the bailout event, which specifies that the store didn’t get any successful response from the proxy and use the resetReload method if you want to reset the retry count (note that to start with the retry count is 0, so load will also work on the first load, but will not if the bailout handler allows retrying).

Upcomming: RfMap – an Ext.Map that handles connectivity.


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